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Mandisa Stephens


Senate Number: 77523

Senator Mandisa Stephens JCI Career began in 2013 as Secretary of the organization, in 2014 as the Vice President, and 2015 as the President. That year, JCI St. Vincent held an health fair in the community of Greiggs which won an award in Uruguay under the category best local-global goals at Conference of the Americas.
She then served in 2016 as Executive assistant to JCI west indies, and Legal Counsel to the Excutive body until 2019. She was Awarded Senatorship in 2018 and now serves as the Training Officer.

Mandisa believes that anyone who is a part of our JCI community wcan achieve greatness, self-development, growth, networking, and becoming a better leader with wealth of knowledge so make the journey worthwhile.

She is quite a steadfast member in the organization and a down to earth individual, and would tell any member or prospective she meets that life in JCI is not an easy one but once you love what you do that is what keeps you and make you push and work harder never give up an opportunity to serve but also do it with pride and chin up while giving of your best
"Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life keep going tough situations build strong people in the end ".


Mandisa Stephens
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