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Earthly Weekend

This activity would Begin on Earth day, April 22nd, and follow through the weekend. Earth day 2022 will be celebrated under the theme: “Invest In Our Planet”, the key point here is to take actions that would seek to bring together all sectors in an innovative way to help us chart a way towards a greener future.

JCI St. Vincent would play its role in this campaign by using its Earthly Weekend to convene three activities:
A climate march on the Friday 22nd April, around Kingstown starting at the Peace Memorial Hall and ending at Victoria Park, where there will be a short discussion on the cause behind the march.
A day open panel discussion highlighting two main topics: Post-Covid Planet Investments (A feature at how we are or we can invest in our planet in a post-covid economy) and SVG - The Gem of the Antilles (A highlight on the success stories of key environmental investments that were and are being made in St. vincent and the Grenadines). The discussion will be split into two sessions on Saturday 23rd 2022, one starting at 10 am and the other at 6 pm respectively.
A social activity on Sunday 24th April, with a hike at Vermont Nature Trail and relocate to Table Rock for the rest of the afternoon.
Future artists using their talents to play a part in climate action, and encourage more youths and people in the arts industry to do the same.
Highlight where we have failed and what we need to do to secure a proper investment in our environment.
Encourage youths to advocate for what they are passionate about to decrease the existing marginalization.
Form partnerships with other NGOs and sectors to achieve goals as outlined by SDG 17.
To encourage individuals in the arts industry to play a part in climate action.

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