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Bingo Documentary Series

Just like the Avengers; but with REAL Vincentians and REAL impact!

JCI St. Vincent's newest short documentary series is coming to platform near you!

Bingo explores how JCI works among all generations and dives deeper into the history and impact of JCI St. Vincent on the Vincentians community through the eyes of senior members.
Each heroic quality corresponds to an individual who have created impact by exemplifying it.
The project was developed in light of dormant activity in the area of the youth development here in St. Vincent, therefore BINGO serves to remind youths that volunteerism can be fun and satisfying and of course, they can become JCI heroes too.

Check it out on YouTube here

Episode Catalogue:

Episode 1: JCI Members Are Heroes Too

Episode 2: Determination

Episode 3: Courage

Episode 4: Humility

Episode 5: Idealism

Episode 6: Resilience

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