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64 Years: Impacting Communities!

Having the honor to label oneself as the oldest continuous Non-Governmental Organization in your country is a very delightful achievement to be worn proudly. Last couple weeks, we spent the time commemorating 64 years of Impacting Communities under the theme: "Going Beyond; Unleashing Potential; Creating Opportunities.

This theme highlighted the achievements and reputation we have made for ourselves in the past while also setting the blueprint for our path forward, needless to say after what one term as a period of "dormancy", this is a good reminder of why we are here and what we do for the younger "not so knowing" generations.

From the 16th to the 22nd, we held various activities to celebrate this milestone; a highlight for us being the courtesy visit to one of our past completed projects, The Fancy Clinic. For some members, it was their first time traversing all the into one of the Northernmost villages on the island allowing us to explore the diverse flora and fauna as well the well sustainable coastline communities and countryfolk.

A fun highlight may as well have been our karaoke night, and oh boy! There was salsa dancing too! What fun!

Our dinner dubbed "FINALE" was the pinnacle of all these experiences, allowing us to hear from our youth leaders and make some sweet and bittersweet announcements all along the way. To this end, we would like to thank EVERY supporter, sponsor, business or patron who have contributed towards our service along the way.

In in all, we are prepared to do this again and more in the Year of the Blue Sapphire (65th Anniversary). Remember, to keep connected to us and join if you can if you would like to contribute to our mission of positive Youth Development in St. Vincent and the Grenadines!

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